Currently competing top horses targeted for age classes and the international circuit.

In a highly competitive industry Lucy always welcomes sponsorship and horses of quality to produce.

Who is Lucy

Lucy was born in 1994 into a family-run farming business. Her Grandfather, Jim Struthers, her dedicated supporter and investor. Her mother, Madeleine Palmer, also a very competitive rider, who has been the driving force behind her, their farm and their land. Lucy’s father, Bruce, and brother Marcus have supported and enjoyed Lucy’s success every step of the way. “inspirational” says Bruce. Being brought up around horses since she was a toddler, Lucy has gained hands-on experience and insights well beyond her years around the ethos of caring and owning horses; from high-end breeding of foals to looking after old retired hunters.

Lucy’s knowledge, determination & dedication has made it possible for her to focus on producing horses that compete at an international level. “I have some lovely horses at the moment, a really talented stallion called Hamish who is causing a lot of industry excitement, as is Ziggy – a British-bred gelding by Denver (a Son of Berlin)”. And true to Lucy’s word the horses are jumping brilliantly. They’re produced methodically (not rushed) as Lucy builds on their strength, suppleness, straightness and attitude, giving them plenty of ring experience without overdoing it. She is always mindful to ensure that all the horses are improving all the time.

“Jumping has always been my passion. I have been fortunate enough to gain huge experience working for Pennie Cornish at Greenacres” says Lucy in a recent interview. Greenacres produces top quality competition horses, so working their horses gave Lucy the chance to work, train and bring on top horses.

When asked about her excellent flat work Lucy commented “Another great grounding for me was being taught to ‘feel’ the horse” … something she learnt from the sadly deceased, dressage instructor Danny Pevsner. A pupil of the Spanish riding school of Vienna. “Danny used to be based on my yard so there wasn’t a day that he didn’t correct me if I was doing something he didn’t like. Even down to mucking out and grooming. It didn’t stop just because I was out of the saddle!”.

Based in Hertfordshire and conveniently located close to major motorways (M1, A1, A505), Lucy is regularly out competing at qualifiers, premiers and stay-away shows. Some of her current horses are aimed for the International circuit and age classes.

Although heading for the ‘big stuff’, Lucy is always happy to help friends and colleagues, from novices to experienced riders. She’s never too busy to pop over and help with a tricky horse, unsuitable tack or a nervous rider – “Its great when you teach someone and you see them improve, knowing that you can pass on parcels of information that can help the rider reach their goals”.

Lucy is an outstanding rider and mentor. She shows an unrivalled dedication to her sport and a real passion to become the very best in her field.
Lucy is currently looking for sponsors to help her achieve her goals.

Lucy's Horses

Meet Colette, History, Elsa, Lady, Dodger & Aurora

History (Hamish)

Lucy's Team

The Farrier, Vet & Groom

The Vet

Rossdales Equine Clinic

Always on the end of the phone, whether for advice or assistance, between Kate Hannigan, Rachel Read, Andy Bathe, Sarah Moore and James Evans the horses are always well managed and taken care of.

The Farrier

Mr Mark Evans

He is a great guy to have as part of our team. He is a brilliant farrier and always brings a big smile onto the yard with him when he comes.

The Groom


Hannah is always smiling, she is reliable with a very calming persona. She is an asset to the team she works hard and a very big bonus for us is that both myself and the horses are also very fond of her. This is very important for me as happy horses perform well. She has great standards so always makes sure the horses are clean and happy.

Lucy's Blog

Keysoe Winter Classic and CSI show.

After Aintree, we cracked on with Keysoe Winter Classic which was a fantastic show for me !!  The hi-light of my week was History, not only jumping double clear but we came 7th !!!! I was thrilled, especially after the disappointment at Aintree. I’m not happy if I can’t stick to my original plans.  We […]

Aintree Winter Classic

It’s been a while since my last blog. Here’s my attempt at an update on the horses progress: Aintree …. I took four horses, Messenger’s Blue (Aurora), Cornet Royale (Elsa), Jabrun (dodger) and History (Hamish).  I’d planned to keep the jumps small for the younger ones to reinforce their confidence, then build them up to […]

Some new prospects and starting to move indoors for the winter season!

We didn’t go to too many shows at the end of summer, just lots of training events to keep getting the horses out.  Dodger, Astwick’s First Chance, Zirocco Van De Eijkhof and Cornet Royale gained so much confidence in the ring because of this! Resulting to both Astwick’s First Chance and Zirocco Van De Eijkhof being […]